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Answers Consultation is your Master-Class when it comes to book publishing. We are your stepping stone to help publish your manuscript and achieving the success you desire and dream about. You only pay for the publishing package and all profits made through book sales goes to you as the author.

Many great unsigned authors have written manuscript and want their books to be published. Answers Consultation helps every author to tell their story, and offers Publishing service that helps author to become brands to their books. We publish authors who write and help them sell their material through giving them opportunity to market their material through biggest social media platforms and other marketing platforms like TV and Radio appearance.

Answers Consultation has professional qualified Language Practitioners who specialize in proof-reading and editing manuscripts for our published authors. We do graphic design artwork for a complete cover design and advertising posters for authors who are building a brand through their books. This creates good opportunity for our published authors to being invited at events to speak on the subject matter of what they wrote about in their books.

Motivational Speaking

Motivation/Inspiration is the biggest factor because a habit can make you be awake but motivation can keep you going especially for building relationships with all audiences for all companies, regardless of sector. Through our Professional Speakers any company can improve their productivity and be able to produce results because through our motivational talks. Our determination to attain success and improve spirit in enlightening teams, organizational stuff or even a group in is to building success on productivity of the organization.

A company or organization can be in good progress when things are going well on the market and not affected by economic issues but when all those things are not going well and the organization is affected by economic situation, Motivation comes handy to keep the team progressing and being positive with continued productivity while inspired. Answers Consultation helps clients create effective motivational strategies, and together with experienced speakers we provide a variety inspirational productivity services ranging from life stories motivation and habits of keeping progress. We speak on the following

  • Keynote Address
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Inspirational Talk
  • Public Speaking
Graphic Design

Our Graphic design process solve visual communication through the use of typography, photography, videography and illustration. We benchmark the visual communication and communication design.

Our work include that of:

  • NCC
  • Social development
  • Central Drug Authority
  • Autism Foundation of South Africa
  • MADA
  • Azania Community
  • Tishlifestyle
  • Your Dream Ride
Social Media Marketing

Answers Consultation is ready to help you market whatever brand using our Social media marketing tools to promote your product or service. Let us help your brand on the following:

  • Your business card.
  • Design Print and Advertising
  • Business Signage or Brand Signage.
  • Merchandise printing.
  • Personal and Company profile development
  • Marketing branding
Team Building

After over 10 years as a professional speaker and over 5 years as a team building facilitator, we have discovered that “The biggest company profits are not attained through being a good sales person, but through a great relationship between the buyer and the seller.” What does this mean? It means we offer specialized and motivated team building sessions that make the organization stuff/personnel to have a great productivity with their customers/clients through unique simulations, challenging outdoor facilities and team activities that will act as principles for daily productivity and development.

Answers Consultation is ready to help your HR team to be able to be productive and produce the outstanding service. Using obstacle course which can help teams to associate well with the challenges they face in their organization, we are able help teams understand each other’s behaviors through our personality profiling team building and outdoor leadership obstacles. We create outstanding relationships between the team in working together with clients and management to handle relationship dynamics.

Answers Consultation offers:

  • Organizational team building.
  • Student team building.
  • Corporate team building.
Business & Customer Service Etiquette

Many companies lose lots and lots of money because they missed an opportunity to make first impression to a client. Answers Consultation is here to help you make a big impression to your client. Our qualified image consultants assist companies to understand customer service etiquette. Our etiquette also include image and styling of your stuff corporate look. Your office design setup and customer service.

Editing and Proofreading

Our professional qualified language practitioners are ready to edit and proofread your book. We introduce to you a three stage editing and proofreading process that leaves no room for a mistake.

Media Publicity and Promotion

The media publicity team is ready to take your brand to another level. We are set and ready to have you appear on Television and Radio to sell your brand.

Brand Design and Advertising

We specialise in brand design and advertising. Our designs attract significant clientele for our clients and create a brand identification to a product